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We believe

We believe

That classroom rules and expectations should be age appropriate and consistent. Positive guidance and redirection are the best methods for changing behavior. In order to provide for optimal development, we are convinced that it is essential to work with you, the parents, to meet your child's needs.

That your child should be treated with respect, dignity, and love. We will provide a warm and caring atmosphere that fosters a sense of safety and security and delight in joining us each day.  

That the role of our teachers is to facilitate the optimal learning environment while observing and recording the development of each child in their care. Your child has his own personality and learning style. By encouraging and supporting those traits, your child will benefit by gaining self-esteem, independence, a sense of responsibility, and pride and confidence in his or her work and accomplishments. 

The mission of our program is to provide for the whole child and foster independence by creating a stimulating and well prepared hands-on environment. The curriculum is geared to the age appropriateness of the children in each group, as well as to individual maturation differences. 

We believe

Our Mission